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Kinderwunsch Centrum München

Kinderwunsch Centrum München (KCM) is an integrated daycare clinic and specialist unit for couples desiring children and female patients with hormonal problems. A further focus of our activities is treatment of patients after repeated miscarriages.

We use an endoscopic approach (i.e. laparascopy) to treat almost all organic changes that may result in infertility. The exception is microsurgical restoration of fertility after laparoscopic tubal sterilization. Operations continue to be performed in the Frauenklinik München West, only five minutes from the KCM.

EmpfangDetailed descriptions of individual forms of treatments can be found under Downloads.

Since 1984 we have specialized exclusively in the diagnosis and treatment of involuntary infertility. In recent years, medical research has developed new methods of treatment in which close proximity of the medical units involved has taken on increased importance. We founded the Munich Reproductive Medicine Working Group (Münchner Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Reproduktionsmedizin) in response to this trend.

In the emotionally sensitive area of desire for children and fertility, we strive to offer you as broad a range of consulting and treatment options as possible. In doing this, we draw on the extensive experience we have gathered in the two decades and more since our first IVF treatment was performed in 1984, plus our international expertise. We join the parents in our happiness at well over 6000 children born as a result of IVF treatment in our clinic.

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Medical Staff and Team at Kinderwunsch Centrums München.