History and Development

1983 Dr. Gottfried Krüsmann opens a medical practice
1984 First IVF treatment performed by Dr. Gottfried Krüsmann and Dr. Wolfgang Würfel at the Dr. Wilhelm Krüsmann Gynecological Clinic; first ultrasound-guided follicular puncture
1985 Birth of the first twins at Dr. Wilhelm Krüsmann Gynecological Clinic, also Germany’s first birth of twins after sonographic egg retrieval
1986 Pregnancy and birth result after intra-tubal embryo transfer
1986 Approbation for in-vitro fertilization treatments in accordance with Art. 121 a German Social Security Code (Insurance) awarded by Bavarian State Medical Council and Bavarian Ministry for Social Affairs
1986 Dr. Wolfgang Würfel moves to Würzburg University Gynecological Clinic
1987 Pregnancy and birth after hysteroscopic intra-tubal gamete transfer
1987 Joint practice founded by Dr. Klaus Fiedler and Dr. Gottfried Krüsmann; foundation of fertility surgery unit with introduction of endoscopic operation techniques and microsurgery (operative restoration of fertility in cases of tubal obstruction as a result of inflammation or sterilisation).
First endoscopic operation of ectopic tubal pregnancy in Bavaria
Juli 1989 Lecture at VI World Congress on In-Vitro Fertilisation in Jerusalem on the benefits of long protocol over short protocol
1992 Dr. Würfel returns and joins the joint practice
1994 Establishment of an ICSI unit after completion of advanced training courses at University of Brussels
1994 Lecture at World Congress in Haifa  addressing the problems involved in multiple births
1995 Dr. Irene von Hertwig joins the practice; services are extended to include natural healing methods and psychotherapy
1995 First ICSI-assisted birth using testicular sperm extraction / microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration (ICSI/TESE / ICSI/MESA)
1996 First ICSI birth using cryopreserved sperm (Cryo-TESE) Foundation of Munich Reproductive Medicine Working Group (Münchner Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Reproduktionsmedizin, MAR )
1997 First birth using cryopreserved eggs (cryo-oocytes and ICSI)
1998 Introduction of quality management system for ongoing documentation and assurance of comprehensive care and treatment to consistently high quality standards.
The joint practice, hormone laboratory and IVF unit are awarded DIN ISO 9001 certification
1999 Planning and organisation of congress for the 13th Annual Meeting of German IVF Centres (focusing on problems of multiple births); Ina Laubert joins the medical team
2000 IVF treatments, previously performed as in-patient procedures, can now be ambulant only, contrary to the “in-patient“ IVF concept at Dr. Wilhelm Krüsmann Clinic
2002 The resulting problems of space lead to a search for new ways of uniting all modern aspects of fertility treatment under one roof
2003 First pregnancy and birth using polar body diagnosis
2003 Planning ( Michael Hunstock/ Firma Praxisteam/Irma Fiedler ) and start of construction of Kinderwunsch Centrum München
2003/04 Guest lectures at international congresses in Amman (Jordan) and Moscow
April 2004 Relocation and opening of new Kinderwunsch Centrum premises in Lortzingstraße 26