Long before we were awarded DIN ISO 9001 certification in 1999, our declared goal was the satisfaction of our patients by providing expert treatment in close cooperation with our referring colleagues, far from the idea of "a baby at any price".

For us, good results involve far more than a high pregnancy rate; we also direct our efforts at minimising complications arising from treatment - primary among these the risk of multiple births.

FeatherModern reproductive technology and fertility treatment is based on the assumption that practitioners hold a high degree of ethical consciousness and awareness of the responsibilities involved in the work. This can only be achieved by adhering to high quality standards, tracking processes and ensuring accountability, and continuing advanced further training in all relevant areas. Our entire team has the absolute priority of providing optimum and exhaustively tested treatment methods, and creating a high level of acceptance and satisfaction in the couples we treat.

We strive to communicate this priority in day-to-day life by creating a friendly, harmonious atmosphere on the basis of expertise and firm conviction of our work.