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"What are our chances?"

It's understandable that this is the question which interests you the most. Two statistics should be mentioned in this context. The success rate for IVF treatment is measured as pregnancy rate per embryo transfer, in other words by examining the number of pregnancies resulting after an embryo transfer. This result is primarily dependent on the patient's age.

A national comparison of all IVF centres shows the pregnancy rate in Germany to be around 28% ( This figure is not as low as often claimed, and is a respectable achievement when compared with other international rates. However, a far more important figure than pregnancy rate is the birth rate. After all, your aim is not merely to become pregnant, but to actually have a child.

The figures for our own Center, with an average pregnancy rate of over 35%, are shown in the diagrams presented above. Of course, there are many explanations for the difference - but we would draw your attention here to our 20 and more years of experience, with over 30,000 follicular punctures performed since 1985.